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How do I have a Valuable Conversation rather than a Destructive Argument?

How do I have a Valuable Conversation rather than a Destructive Argument?

What a tough question! In my early years, I noticed that my parents didn't have valuable conversations. In high school and college, there were no classes that taught me how to start a conversation, work through difficult parts of a conversation and conclude the conversation with new agreements. I see this issue as the biggest blocking factor of high functioning performance in business, families, government, churches, etc.

What needs to change? What is possible? How could I understand/influence others better and improve the relationship rather than destroy the relationship?

My friend and award winning author and speaker, Edgar Papke, proposes a conversation model that can result in improved outcomes and relationships if we want to function at the highest level possible.

Take a look at this link: Edgar, my friend, recorded this video especially for me, very grateful!

What about you?

What conversations are you avoiding?

What preparations are you willing to make?

How willing are you to understand the point of view of another person?

What new agreements are you willing to make?

Let's find a valuable way to communicate our perspective and understand others, even our most difficult acquaintances!

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