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It's About Time!!

Another Sunrise!

It's always "about time" for something!

How does this apply to me?

For me to know, I must be aware and free!

Watch minute by minute to notice what the thoughts are for me.

What thoughts are true?

It's a minute by minute challenge for me and you.

This challenge will last for the rest of our lives no matter what!

It could be "about time" for a change of thought.

It's time for me, especially about Gratitude and it started yesterday! I got a call about a former client who died two days before Christmas and I'm almost 81 and he was only 69. Wow! Twelve years of possibilities and blessings that I've received, many of which I didn't appreciate.

I'm making a change! I got the book "From Strength to Strength" yesterday and I'm looking for my nest Strength and how it can be used for me and others. There are all kinds of possibilities and I'm not going to miss them.

What about you?

What is your mindset, Ownership or Victim?

How are you viewing 2024 and beyond?

What Limiting Beliefs are you willing to let go?

What New Thoughts/Beliefs are you willing to Live beginning today?