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My Turtle's Thoughts About Life and Death

Turtle's Thoughts About Life and Death

Today, Easter morning, my Turtle and I went on a walk and because Easter is a conversation about Life and Death, my turtle and I found ourselves talking about the same subject. My turtle reminded me that a fish doesn't notice water until it's taken out of water. With that thought, I realized that I didn't notice life until I looked death in the eyes.

This "look" happened when I was forty-three years old when I discovered I had a melanoma on my back. I was afraid because there was no cure for this cancer unless it was discovered and surgically removed before it spreads to soft organs in the body. Fortunately, for me, that happened.

Recently, I've looked death in the eyes four/five more times. One, my prostate surgery and subsequent radiation treatments and two, my friend died on March 23 after I spent two hours with him a few days earlier when he was frail AND very confident about his impending "ending" and "new beginning!" Today, another friend is in the hospital with a similar fate and my best high school friend is facing the final stages of Alzheimer's decease.

All of these events have helped me notice/discover life and ask myself how I want to LIVE my life. My turtle, while walking slowly and stopping often, helped me be quiet and reflect on what's REALLY important!

What about you?

How do you slow down and reflect?

How have you discovered LIFE?

What conversations are you avoiding before it's too late?

What relationships are suffering because of resentment and lack of forgiveness?

Death's not my favorite subject AND it helps me notice my life and my blessings!