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What Ignites Your Imagination?

What Ignites Your Imagination?

This question is new to me and one I've never pondered. Since I never gave myself much credit for a powerful imagination, I never asked myself what would/could ignite it.

As I noticed my imagination from college to today, I came to realize that big ideas and imagination came to me when I "perceived a necessity," whether it be health, strategy for a goal, investments, family needs and many other circumstances.

Another thought is my imagination soared when I developed a big WHY in my life!

My Whys over the years have been around education, living location, jobs, relationships, health and personal possibilities. Even writing this Blog came from imagination and is there a possibility that I can write something meaningful. "Whys" are powerful, and possibly the only real drivers in our lives.

The reason most of our New Years' resolutions fade away in less than 30 days is because we don't have a meaningful WHY behind any of them.

What about you?

What causes you to Imagine and Think Big?

What causes you to Take Action?

What perceived necessities do you have in your life and what are you doing about them?

When you notice a perceived necessity in your life, allow your imagination to soar and notice how valuable possibilities show up AND, take action quickly!