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76 Years of Miracles!

What is a Miracle? I only have to look into the mirror to get a clue. How about You?

I've never been much of a Miracle kind of a person until a few years ago when I woke up one night and realized that everything about me was a Miracle! I certainly began as a Miracle. This Miracle began as a microscopic "dot" that included everything in it that I would ever need: the color of my eyes, my brain, my fingers and finger nails, legs, reproductive organs, etc. I was not an accident or a mistake!

Everything I am and have today is a result of choices and decisions, from where I live, my family, my career and my health. I'm grateful for all of these and optimistic about future choices and decisions!

We're living in "unknown times" with COVID 19 and many of us are afraid. What's different from one year ago? That was an unknown time also. We didn't know what tomorrow would bring, when cancer would strike, when a car accident would happen or when the next recession/war would happen?

I/we have choices to make. I can isolate myself, complain, blame and be a victim and I can ask myself how that strategy has worked for me in the past. I can also be lovable, kind, courageous and expect Miracles. Either strategy is only my choice. My Thoughts become Things so I choose the latter.

I'm excited about the future outcome and I have no clue what it will be. I'm Confident that the Outcome can be Valuable and I'm Hopeful/Confident that it will be!

What about You?

How optimistic/afraid are you?

What thoughts are you allowing to control your Day?

How much Control do you have over your Future?

If you're like me, I have no Control other than how I respond to what happens.

With that conclusion, I'm choosing to choose Faith, not fear!

You're welcome to join me, if you Choose!