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A Fairy Tale Life...My Life

A Fairy Tale Life...My Life

For the past few months, I've felt "something was off." "Something" just was not right! I allowed that feeling to affect my attitude in a negative way AND I knew my life was a Miracle and a series of Miracles. And yet, I allowed negative thoughts to creep in.

I'm finished with those thoughts!

I had a dream last night that took me through my high school years, my marriage at age 19, my college years and my first job and watching that journey, even in a dream was very scary because I noticed how naive I was and the miracles that were required to get me through that journey AND how many more miracles that were necessary to get me to where I am today at age 75!

I have been blessed with a life that most people can only "dream" of AND last night I got to relive that "dream!"

God is very, very good!

What about You?

How is your attitude?

How is your Gratefulness?

How many miracles have you noticed/remembered in your life?

My commitment now is to never forget this journey and the role my Creator played in getting me to today! Thank you very much!

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