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Life Ten Years from Now!


Life Ten Years from Now!
I like to ask myself and others, three questions:
  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I want?
  3. What price am I willing to pay for what I really want?
These questions seem to be simple and straight forward and it's amazing to me how many people get stressed/resistant by these questions and actually refuse to answer them. The answers are consistent:
  1. I don't know.
  2. How would I know the answer to those questions?
  3. The answer changes every day.
  4. Stop asking those questions!
Life Ten Years from Now will be the result of my answers to the following questions:
  1. What Beliefs in my life do I want to Amplify?
  2. What Beliefs in my life are not true and I want to Eliminate?
  3. What Beliefs are missing in my Life?
I learned several years ago that My Beliefs drive my Behaviors and the way I Behave cause my Results!
How about you?
What are your thoughts about where you WANT to be in ten years?
Where will you be if you continue your same behaviors you have now?
What about You will have to change to get a different life than you currently have?
What would it take to personally OWN what you currently have and what you're going to Become?
Life is good when I Own my Results!
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