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Are You the Teacher or the Student?

Are You the Teacher or the Student?

Over the past few months, I've learned and gotten reminded of many things! At 74. I'm blessed to be around humans that are "Being, Doing, Learning, Stumbling, Accomplishing, Resisting, Blaming, etc." Each of these "states" is a mirror for me and gives me the chance to learn and notice my strengths and opportunities!

Lately, I've been painfully aware that if the student is not ready, the teacher doesn't need to be in the neighborhood because listening and learning is not going to happen.

Today, my awareness was raised by the following quote from a friend I met in the Vistage Community:

"We have heard it said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. When the teacher is ready the student teaches the teacher how to teach. When the teacher has the humility to become the student the student raises their consciousness and learns at an entirely new level and both are immensely grateful"...Nikki Nemerouf

Wow, what a learning! Now, I know why my life is so easy when both the student and the teacher are both "READY"!

What about you?

How ready are you to Learn?

How ready are you to Teach?

Lately, I've noticed "Learners" stop and say Wow! Others Resist, Explain, Excuse and Tell Stories.

My life is better when I'm open to New Ideas and I say Tell Me More.