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Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over

Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over, Really?

My favorite singer/songwriter is Willie Nelson and many, many years ago, Dandy Don Meridith as a sports announcer on Monday night football helped make Willie's song very famous!

When the Monday night game score got "out of hand," Don would start singing...Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over...

Today in our society, many people would like to convince me that "The Party's Over." I'd like to suggest that the "Party has just begun." Yes, there is news that's negative and much of it is not true.

I suggest that we wake up and "Turn on the Lights", open the blinds and notice the bright light on the horizon! Look closely and you'll notice the bright light is a sunrise, not a sunset! Also, if you hear the bugle playing, you'll notice the tune is reveille, not taps!

Today is THE day to Wake Up, get dressed and create a life that's UNBELIEVABLE! What's the alternative? Do you want to be negative, be a victim and play Taps?

It's my choice!

What about You?

What choice will you make? Will you choose Reveille or Taps?

Will you choose the sunrise or sunset?

How about getting dressed and charge hell with a glass of water!

It's my choice!