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Conversations, Conversations, Conversations!

I like to ask people...Who taught you how to have a valuable conversation?! What course in high school, college or graduate school taught you how to have a valuable/effective conversation?

The universal answer is, nobody, and I never had an education course that taught me about conversations! I learned from my parents and nobody taught them either. Most of us know how to talk and make noise. Many times conversations turn into arguments rather than effective conversations!

I work with many business owners and CEOs and and at the end of the day, they, I, get paid only to have effective conversations! Many times I don't realize this simple concept.

I've learned that I didn't know how to start a conversation, navigate through a conversation when there is a conflict and/or how to conclude a conversation!

With these fears, I've avoided any conversations that were challenging or I had a fear about the outcome. And, I went through life making assumptions, carrying grudges and being afraid/angry with people who were good people and wanted to be my friend.

Today, I was very encouraged to see two people have a scary conversation that could change their life and the life of their families and their Company. The conversation was a choice!

What about you?

How good are you with creating effective conversations?

Regarding conversations, what are you afraid of?

What conversations are you avoiding that "could" increase the quality of your life?

How vulnerable are you willing to be to create innovation, creativity, joy and relationships?

Life is very short! Take a chance and learn a conversation model that will improve your life!