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What are your thoughts about Expectations? I have a weakness around this subject!

I have high expectations for myself and others!

This strategy is perfect if I want to set myself up for disappointment.

It seems to be a good strategy for my wants AND it has not worked when I put my expectations on others! Wow, this has been a very hard lesson and I'm still learning.

I have a tendency to see others around me... clients, family members, friends, etc. and make a judgment about their capabilities and what I've experienced and expect them to want/achieve the same things. Wow, what a disaster!

This strategy seems correct because I want the "best" for others and my decisions/achievements have been very valuable for me. It seems only reasonable that others would want the same thing. Also, I believe I know what's best for myself and others.

I've started to understand that I don't know what's best for others and many times for myself. So, what have I learned/determined?

If I'm effective at my job, I ask what the other person wants! With this information, I can now help the other person discover how to get what they want and what price they're willing to pay to get it. It's always about asking valuable/curious questions!

What about you?

How do you set expectations, both for yourself and for others?

How do you respond to others' resistance?

How willing are you to Lead by asking effective/curious, non leading questions?

How willing are you to allow others to get what they want?