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Do You Know my Friend, Will?

Do You Know my Friend, Will?

Will is an interesting "friend" and one that you "know." The question is, how do you communicate with Will? What type of conversations do you have with Will? Is Will "really" a friend or someone you know about and wish you knew better and had more comfort with?

Some days, Will is my best buddy. Some days, Will is scary and avoidance is the strategy. When all the chips are on the table and all are at risk, Will is the ANSWER!

In the middle of the Great Recession, I heard Michael Milken say that for the Country to get out of the downturn, somebody, probably from the private sector, would have to show up with "Will!" Somebody will have to want to win/succeed more than being politically correct.

One of my mentors told me many times, Clyde, it's not about IQ, it's about I Can and I Will!

How about you?

How is your relationship with Will?

How are you when times are very tough?

Are you waiting for somebody to save the day or are you stepping up with Your Friend, Will?

It's our choice! Let's show the way!