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What Could I let go of so I Could have Joy Today?

What Could I let go of so I could have Joy today?

Wow, that could be a long list for me! Based on my conversation with a friend yesterday, I believe the most powerful/dreadful thing I could let go of is Victim Thinking! What a crippling habit!

I had breakfast yesterday with a wise, elderly friend that blamed others for his current situation. My first thought was how can I help or should I be quiet? I chose the latter.

Today, I'm using this conversation to teach/remind myself!

I believe my ugliest addiction that I started correcting several years ago was blaming others for my situation and what is happening to me. Hearing me blame others and being seen as a Victim by my peers is my most feared behavior.

To get past this fear, I'm owning my actions and results! I'm seeing my situation and owning it! Nothing is "done to me." All of my results come because of my choices and actions I take! Blaming others traps me in anger and resentment, not a good recipe for Joy in my life!

What about You?

What do you need to let go of?

What actions have you taken that have you stuck in your Past?

What Purpose could you place on your future that would give you Joy?