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Enjoy Today!

Enjoy Today!

    Enjoy every minute of today! What a powerful thought!

Today is Saturday morning and as I left my training session with Rachael, I reminded myself what a great opportunity I had today: enjoy every minute and I'm doing that. Then, I sat down and read an interview of Willie Nelson, whom I had written a letter to in the 1980's and asked him for a job as his "CPA." I loved Willie's music and thought I could help him be successful from a financial point of view and at the same time be around a legend and listen to his music. That didn't happen AND I've continued to listen to his songs and be inspired.

I've watched and listened to Willie for many years and been envious of his lifestyle of independence and freedom. I've listened to his songs, Whiskey River, If You've got the Money, I've got the Time and Is the Going Up Worth the Coming Down AND I'm answering with the word, Yes! "Going Up" has always been scary for me because I was concerned there would be a time when there would be a failure and a "fall." My life has been a Miracle in most respects and I'm stopping being concerned about the "coming down."

I'm enjoying every minute of every DAY!

What about you?

Have you noticed your Miracles?

How are you enjoying every minute of today?

What "fear" are you allowing to get in your way?

What do you really Want that you're willing to "go for?"

Willie's 85 years old. I'm 75 years old. If he can do it, I can, too! What about you?