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What do You Think About Life

What Do You Think About Life?

Wow, that's a challenging question! I've always wanted to live and I don't think I've ever written about what I think about Life!

I might start by asking "what is life" and that's such a complicated question! I might say it's a series of beliefs, thoughts, choices, fears, dreams, tests, trials, victories, rejections, acceptances, celebrations and many other things that result in my interpretation of what's good, fair, hurtful, etc.

For me, life is a minute by minute experience of managing my thoughts. Life is neither fair or unfair. It just is and I get to adjust my interpretation and I get to put any meaning I choose on what happens.

My life has been a series of Miracles, starting as a microscopic "dot" at the moment of conception. As I thought about that microscopic "dot," I realized that everything about me was in that dot: eyes, arms, legs, hair, heart, intelligence, finger nails, emotions and on and on...everything I would ever need!

How big is that Miracle?

Many days I'm so busy with the noises of life, I forget or don't notice all the miracles of my life!

What about you?

How big a Miracle are you?

What have you noticed about your Miracle?

What Miracles did you notice in your life today?

What are you appreciating about your Miracles?

Let's stay Mindful so we can notice and appreciate our Miracles!