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Faith or Fear...That's the Question

After watching for 76 years, I'm noticing that my Leadership is needed more than ever before! And, I'm noticing that there is a special kind of Leadership that is wanted by friends, family, clients and employees.

During times like we're experiencing now, I'm seeing very educated people make some very silly decisions and exhibit behavior that is not helpful. This unhelpful behavior is driven by all kinds of Fear and many Leaders aren't even aware of the behavior that they'er exhibiting. All of this is causing misdirected anger causing hurt for employees, clients, family and others!

Noticing this type of behavior has caused me to be quiet with myself and ask, "How can I be the most effective with my Leadership?" How do I want to show up with the people that rely on me?

The first thing I remembered from prior learning was to lead with Faith not Fear! Yesterday I saw a quote that I'd seen before and the words were a little different and more meaningful.

The quote is..."FAITH and FEAR both command me to believe in something I'm not able to see!" Wow, that's an eye opener because many of us "resist" Faith for whatever reason and this quote reminds me that's no different than Fear. There could be an exception if a bear is chasing me.

I know the choice for myself!

What about You?

How "afraid" are you to Lead with Faith?

How effective are you with Fear Leadership?

What would it take to experiment with Faith in the face of challenging times?

Take a chance! Columbus did and that journey was successful