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Choices, Choices, Choices!

I learned some time ago there were only two things we as humans HAVE to do! We've heard something like this before and the answers are always Pay Taxes and Die. As I learned, that's not true. The only two things we HAVE to do is Die and Make Choices. That's it! We don't have to eat, drink water, pay taxes or anything else. Even not making a choice is a choice.

In this environment today, we have many choices that are important like 1. How do I protect myself from the Corona virus, 2. How do I work from home, 3. How do I keep my Company and employees viable...and on and on and on.


My challenge with choices is recognizing what emotional state of mind I'm in when I'm making a choice. If I'm in a state of Fear, my choice is probably very different than if I'm a state of Faith!


What's the difference? If I'm in a state of Fear, I'm probably holding my breath and my brain is not getting the amount of oxygen to allow it to be creative. If I'm in a state of Faith, I'm probably calm, breathing and my body and brain have oxygen and are healthy.

The very cool thing about living in this Country is I have the freedom to make my own choices! I only have to look in the mirror to notice who is responsible for my consequences! I'm excited about this thought and ready to charge hell with a glass or water!

What about you?

How aware are you about your choices, minute by minute each day?

How conscious are you when you're making a choice?

How grateful are you that you get to make choices for yourself and your family?

What will you do differently tomorrow to improve your choices?

It's my Choice!

I'm from the South and I love Country Music, and can understand the words and the content is meaningful to me . Take a listen to the following and pretend you don't hear the "twang!"