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Getting From There to Here!

Have you ever given thought to and Noticed how you got from that microscopic "dot" you were at the moment of conception to where you're standing today? Have you ever noticed that the microscopic "dot" had everything in it that you would ever need: brains, arms, legs, eye color, fingers, toes, etc.? What a thought and miracle that microscopic "dot" was!

For me, from that Miracle "dot", choice after choice and miracle after miracle occurred! In the simplest form, it was one step at a time for 77 years! I didn't choose my parents. They were a gift! I learned about and got to witness discipline, hard work, conservatism and staying the course. They taught me to give and save and Bible Study was the norm from an early age.

I also noticed that the Microscopic "dot" was created in the greatest Country on the planet! On most days, I've taken my Freedom for granted! I assumed that everybody had the same choices I had and now I'm realizing that's not the case.

From a small West Texas town, to Austin, Houston to Las Vegas, the "there to here" has been unbelievable! How did that happen? That Microscopic "dot" was packed with everything I ever needed and was created by the God of the universe! How else could "this" have happened?

How about you?

Where was your "beginning?"

What got you from There to Here?

What miracles have you Noticed and not Noticed?

Where are you going and Who will you Be?

God is very good!!