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A Good Reminder for Me!

Over many years, I remember seeing Champions "Crowned" in the Ring, Medals given to winners on the podium for swimming, track and field and automobile races! What a sight that was! I could see myself there and thinking how fortunate those people were!

One day, I was reminded that the "crown" is not won in the ring, pool or on the track. The crown is won when nobody except the coach is watching early in the morning before sunrise, on holidays and while others are relaxing at the bar or watching a movie.

The same could be said about those Entrepreneurs we see on magazine covers, read about in award winning books and notice cashing big checks on Wall Street. The thing we don't see is the Entrepreneur working in their garage late at night on an idea for a product, spending hours in the library researching possibilities or sitting with the Bank President signing a personal guarantee for everything they own!

A reminder is good for me! Thinking back, I tend to forget the hard work, difficult times, late nights, scary and negative thoughts, fears AND support and encouragement I got from family and friends. What a Journey this has been! It's good to remember the Journey because the Destination wouldn't have been what it is without the Journey!

What about you?

What's below the surface for you?

What have you forgotten that got you here?

What positives and negatives have you forgotten that you could be grateful for?

Life is good when we Remember!


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Notice anything above you may have forgotten?