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Gratitude! What is That?

No matter how many times I write and think about Gratitude, "it" seems to be like a cloud.  "It" moves, disappears and reappears!  What causes me to notice and FEEL Grateful one day and the next day, it's gone and I'm worrying and noticing everything in life that's wrong and feeling sorry for myself?

I just returned from my Santa Barbara Dr. visit and my annual physical and at age 78, nothing could be better.  And, the Taliban is not invading and where I live, there are no tsunamis, no hurricanes, floods, forrest fires, riots or anything else that could be hurtful!

Also, unless I turn the computer or internet on, I'm not so bombarded with COVID, sicknesses, car accidents, shootings and other real life happenings.

I'm the most fortunate person to ever walk the face of the earth!  And, I still forget!  What causes that?  

My inclination is a scarcity belief and the abundance belief is as elusive as a Grateful attitude.

Father God, help me to notice minute by minute what you've created and made available to me!  Life is So, So very good AND there are difficult Days!

What about you?

     What is your minute by minute attitude?

     What gifts/miracles in your life are you noticing/missing?

     How well can you maintain contact with Gratefulness?

     How can you help me to be Grateful for my most amazing Life?