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What About Your Amygdala?

     About 20 years ago, I discovered I had an Amygdala!  I had graduated from college, gone to graduate school, had a "successful" career and I never learned about that small part of the brain that warns me about danger.  The problem is it doesn't know the difference from real or imiginary danger or physical or emotional danger!  In the Olden Days, the Amygdala came in handy because it warned me about bears, lions, tigers and snakes rustling in the woods so I could run away and be safe.  

     Today, there aren't too many bears, lions or tigers chasing me and my amygdala spends its time warning me about political parties, inflation, and cable news headlines that aren't Real Life Threats and many times during the day, I'm in "fight or flight" mode and scared to death.

     When I'm in this part of the brain, I'm afraid and don't have the ability to be creative, innovative and optimistic and I spend my time worrying about a future event that may never happen.  What a waste of my personal resources!  I know that Thoughts become Things and when I stay Present and Mindful, I can send these negative thoughts on their way and have a productive and meaningful day and create and maintain helpful conversations and relationships!

     My learning and practice challenge is to notice the scary thoughts by staying present and mindful, acknowlege the negative thoughts and send them on their way and notice  optimistic thoughts that can lead to positive, creative outcomes.  The alternative is to spend my time being fearful, worrying, destroying relationships and becoming stuck!

What about You?

     What is your Amygdala telling you?

     How much time each day do you stay in the lower brain and fight, flight or worry?

     How aware are you of how your brain functions and affects your Day, outcomes, 

     relationships and happiness?

     What would you like to change about your Beliefs, Behaviors and Outcomes?

     Both you and I have a Choice!