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How Do You Behave in Your Cave?

How Do You Behave in Your Cave?

Until today, I've never seen myself in a "cave." And over the past days, we've seen the young Thai soccer team contend with the cold, dark, wet and limited amount of oxygen in a physical cave with limited chance of escaping. The entire team and their coach escaped because of the intentionality of the Team Members and their supporters. The supporters had much skill and resources. The Team Members had the Will!

Over the past few months, I've found myself in a "cave" that I perceived was dark, scary and hard to escape. I created the thoughts that the future was cloudy and there were very few "helpers," UNTIL I remembered escaping is not about IQ, it's about "I can and I WILL." I remembered that I had the Will and I looked inside and noticed that the future was about me embracing the resistance and turning the resistance into an advantage. I noticed that the more people resisted the more I was on the "right camino and had the Will."

The resistance came from fear! I could be impacted by that fear or I could take what I knew was "right" and press ahead. I chose the latter and guess what, the sun came up and there was a tremendous sunrise and a bright future!

What about you?

What "cave" are you finding yourself in?

What scary thoughts are you having about the darkness, lack of oxygen and the treacherous escape?

What is your confidence in your "I can and I Will?"

Life is very good and full of possibilities! What about You will throw away the Fear and charge the resistance with your Will?