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I am Miracle Man...What about You?

I am Miracle Man...What about You?

I hope you're not offended by the title! The title came from an awakening in the middle of the night a few months ago. It was clear to me that I was a miracle from birth! My parents had given up when they were about thirty years old and surprise, surprise, Clyde showed up. I bet you could say something similar if you thought about it.

When I look back over my life, I see miracle after miracle: 1) finding my way to college without any insight from my parents because they had never been, 2) marrying my high school sweetheart at nineteen years old without any premarital counseling, 3) still married 56 years later, 4) becoming a CPA my first year out of the University of Texas, 5) finding my way to Las Vegas because of Howard Hughes in 1968, 6) working in the casino industry with incredible national experience, 7) experiencing cancer at the age of 43 and surviving two more attacks and 😎 living the dream working with fifty plus business owners at the age of 75. Does this qualify for "a" Miracle Man title? I'm taking a chance and saying yes because I'm still healthy and looking forward to thirty more years!

Life is full of challenges and disappointments and most of mine have been because of me. I haven't known how to have valuable conversations, disagreements and making new agreements to achieve valuable outcomes. I'm learning about technology, confidence, conviction, innovation, saying what I Want and excited about the future. I'm also becoming clear about what I'm willing to Pay for "what I want." Oh, by the way, God is the author of the miracles!

What about you?

What kind of Miracle are you?

How did you arrive at where you are today?

What have you noticed today that you're grateful for?

Who is the author of your miracles?

It's a good day to be grateful for Grace! I hope you're noticing!

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