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How Much is Enough?

How Much Is Enough?

Enough is Enough!

Over the past six weeks, I've attended four funerals/celebrations of friends!

That's Enough!

These "celebrations" were from a 75+ year old to a 10 month old. I'm exhausted and I don't know what to believe/think. I do know it's enough!

I know God is very good and I have unbelievable opportunities! I'm the most fortunate person to ever walk the face of the earth and I still see things happening I don't understand.

Death is not going away and we're all headed in that direction and maybe it's a good time to take a sabbatical from death! I'm managing my thoughts to focus on hope, possibilities, gratefulness, life and miracles!

What about you?

What miracles are you expecting?

Who in your life do you want to hug and appreciate today?

Who/What are you most thankful for today?

Who would you call today to tell them you love them and how glad you are they are in your life?

Let's focus on a Miracle. I know there are many available!