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What do You KNOW?

What Do You KNOW?

What do I know? How often do I ask myself this question? Not many is probably the true answer and when I do, I may fool myself when I don't truly think about the question. I may think I KNOW and/or I may listen to voices in my head that convince me about something that's not TRUE.

That's a valuable question because IF I'm not intentional about what I KNOW, my "negative" thoughts or all those voices in my head keep telling me things that aren't true and I believe them and do "silly" things! Shame on me!

There are things I do KNOW and I want to think about:

  1. My Creator and Redeemer lives and He is Good.

  2. I married the best person I could have 56 years ago and she's been faithful since then and I'm very glad she's here!

  3. I'm a series of miracles from birth to today...the Miracle Man!

  4. I'm the most fortunate person I know, a three time cancer survivor.

  5. I've survived major surgery and noticed it was like a fairy tale!

  6. I've got two kids that are very successful and very different than me.

  7. I have five grand kids and seven great grand kids, unbelievable!

  8. I am vertical, have a pulse, not in jail or the hospital, Hallelujah!

What about you?

What do you KNOW?

What are you noticing about yourself and what are you grateful for?

What negative thoughts are you noticing and sending on their way?

Let's be intentional, resist negative thoughts and KNOW who/what we really are/want!