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I'm "Done"!

These past few months have been difficult for most of us! We've been hearing and experiencing scary things about COVID 19 and we've also been hearing continuous comments about our political future. Both have caused me to be anxious and weary!

Many times, I wanted to say I'm "Done"! I want all of these negative conversations to go away and leave me alone.

When I'm on my "game", I ask myself what's going on with me? Most of the time, the answer to this question is I want to control the outcome! I'm concerned with getting my way and I'm using up many of my emotional resources.

Also, when I'm on my "game", I notice and recognize that I'm not in "control" of most outcomes. And, I am in control of my attitude. I'm also in control of those people that I allow to be around me and make comments to me.

Since the pandemic became serious in March, I've been able to maintain a positive attitude driven by faith! I've also noticed and provided space from those who have been driven by fear. I've also used this strategy for the political conflicts I'm experiencing in our Country. I have not allowed people to be around me that are fearful about either COVID or the outcome of politics.

I know human beings and our Leaders will do the "right" thing in the end.

What about you?

How "Done" are you?

How are you coping with your Life of challenge and change?

What "crowd" are you listening to?

What strategy are you using to complete the race and finish strong?

What are you experiencing...a Sunrise or a Sunset, Reveille or Taps?