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Bitter or Better?

It's difficult to navigate through life without being "triggered" on a daily basis!

The only way to stay out of this situation for me is to stay very mindful and watch where I'm stepping so I don't step into a "trap."

"Traps" can be subtle and many times "inviting." I can remember in the Old Days when my parents would set a mouse trap. I never saw a mouse that could resist the "cheese" and the result was always deadly!

Most traps that I "fall for" are not deadly and most of the time they can be very hurtful for both me and the people around me.

Another thing for me is I get so focused on the Outcome that I forget about the process and being the best version of myself that I can be. Me being focused primarily on the outcome causes me significant stress and many times good results and relationships.

When I take the "bait" and I lose the outcome I want, I have two choices: to become Bitter or Better! When I look closely, the difference between these two words is the Letter "i"! It's always about me and I always have a choice. I can choose to be resentful and ruin my day, or more, or I can choose to "let it go!"

What about you?


How mindful are you on a minute by minute basis?

How do you prepare your attitude for surprise "traps?

How quickly can you notice and "step over" the trap?

If you take the bait and get caught in the trap, how quickly can you recover?