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Is This a Sunrise or a Sunset?

Is This is a Sunrise or a Sunset?

As a Visionary Leader of younger employees, I always liked to say that as I looked on the horizon, I saw a bright glow and as I looked closer, I noticed it was a sunrise, not a sunset! As I listened in the distance, I heard a trumpet playing a familiar tune AND, the tune was revele, not taps!


I've never been accused of being a serial optimist, and I've noticed that I can see possibilities. I can be much more excited about a sunrise than a sunset and I've noticed how powerful I am when I recognize the abundance of opportunities around me and how successful my family and friends can be when I notice the hopes, dreams, fears and capabilities behind their eyes. They are real human beings that can create miracles with informed choices!

With clear vision and hearing, awareness and optimism, I can be powerful and make tremendous choices. The real question is "what am I seeing and hearing." I'm responsible for what I see and hear.

What about you?

When you look on the horizon, what are you seeing and interpreting?

When you see those around you, who are you really seeing?

When you see those around you, what is behind their eyes and what are their possibilities?

My challenge is to stay very conscious because Life is very good AND full of sunrises!