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Ruins or a Reminder of Possibilities?

The above is a personal photo of Machu Picchu, the result of a culture that saw possibilities rather than obstacles. This culture created communities, structures and agricultural successes at significant altitude without computers and machinery. The result is hard for me to imagine!

These people must have been very aware of who they were, what they really wanted and what price they were willing to pay, to get what they wanted! They must have been aware of how capable they were, what community was possible and the challenge they were willing to pursue!

This week, one of my friends was told they have cancer! From my personal experience, that news can be scary and debilitating! At the same time, with awareness, there can be very valuable choices that can lead to solutions and good health just like the Incas realized they could build a "city on a hill", at serious altitude, when nobody else saw the answers.

My friend is now going to UCLA Medical Center with possibilities of a miracle because they were willing to be curious, ask questions, challenge beliefs and be willing to pay a price for what was important to them!

What about you?

What do you WANT?

What price are you willing to pay for what is important to you?

As my Mentor told me, This is not about IQ, This is about I Can and I Will!

The question is: Do You Have the Will?