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Life is Very Good, Many Surprises and Sometimes Too Short!

After I wrote the Title to this blog, it dawned on me that although I intended to write a positive thought, I realized that I was stating my "perspective" and not the Truth! I put a "meaning" on Life that's my perspective and it can be significantly different for others!

I got reminded today that when I complain, I make myself a Victim. I can take ownership of my circumstances and leave them, change them or accept them. It's my perspective and my choice!

My challenge for myself is to be careful putting "meaning" on anything or any happening. Nothing in this life has any "meaning" until I put a meaning on it. I can choose the "meaning."

I met a very powerful Speaker a few months ago and he started his talk by telling my Group that he was going to speak for about three hours and he was going to tell us many things and none of his comments were going to be the truth with a Capital "T". Everything he was telling us was his Perspective!

A few months ago, a friend lost her son to a sudden heart attack and my first thought was how does anything get worse than that and there may not be anything! And then I remembered the Taoist Farmer that said "Who knows what is good and what is bad?"

The answer has to be how I respond to what happens. One of the most positive things in my life was finding myself sitting at home one day without a job!

Who knows what is good and what is bad?

What about you?

How do you determine the meanings that happen around you?

What do you think the Truth is about these happenings are with a capital "T"?

How would your life change if you noticed that your Perspective was not always the Truth?

How could your life be more effective if you let go of "What was Good and What was Bad"?