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Fear and Greed...Wow!

Two days ago, I went to eat at a local restaurant and traffic was backed up for two blocks, which was very abnormal! Soon, I noticed that the cars in front of me were waiting to get gasoline at a not normally busy station. It was so crowded that it was a long wait to get to the restaurant parking lot. Sitting at the bar, I asked what was going on next door. Are they selling $1.00 gasoline? Instead, I was told that a California gasoline pipeline had a leak and had been closed to pumping gasoline to some parts of Arizona and Nevada. An hour later when we left the restaurant, cars were still backed up for a block.

What is this about? Then I remembered what I learned many years ago and that is humans are driven by Fear and Greed! All of the cars/humans in line to purchase gasoline were there because there was a Fear they would not be able to purchase gasoline during the next few days and there's no telling what they would miss out on...sounds like Greed!

When I heard the bartender tell me the rumor about the gasoline link, I noticed my Fear show up! What is going on with me? What am I going to miss out on? Is this the end of the world?

In my everyday life, humans disappoint me and I many times judge them for lack of ability and/or intelligence and in many cases, Fear is the issue that's their biggest weakness!

What about You?

How does Fear show up in your life?

How does Greed show up in your life?

How much more Powerful could you be if these two emotions could be minimized?

How will you notice these emotions in the future?