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Live Like the Gate was Left Open!

 As age advances, I've found it's become easier to live like a Hermit!  Some days I pretend that I don't need anything or anybody.  I've got everything I want and need so I'll avoid people, the internet, TV, etc. because it's not possible to believe anything that anybody says or writes!  I'll show the world!

Then, fear knocks at the door, Faith answers and there's nobody there.  Faith always sends fear running down the road to greet somebody else. 

Then, I woke up this morning and saw a bright light on the horizon, noticed it was another Sunrise, not a sunset and I could hear revelle, not taps, being played in the distance.

I then noticed that the "gate" had been left wide open and I was Free to choose the direction to "run."  I chose optimism, trusting and abundance.

What about you?

  • How open is your Gate?
  • What is your Choice?
  • How do you see the World?
  • What will you chooce:  Faith or fear?