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Who Am I, Really?

This is an interesting question and one that I'm continually asking myself and using all my resources to help me determine! I know how very complicated most humans are and I'm no exception. My problem has always been my "strengths and blind spots" and I'm amazed that at 79 years old, I'm still finding them. The harder part is finding a strategy to minimize them once I've identified them!

Lately, I've found an interesting survey in the Positive Intelligence website that helped me find my most prevelant saboteurs that I had never noticed or hadn't put the helpful language on. Once properly described, I see them getting in my way many times each day. Some of these saboteurs keep me stuck and others damage my relationships!

I also found a survey to measure JQ, which I'd never heard about. I know my IQ and my EQ and didn't know there was such a thing as JQ.

It has been fun and helpful to look "inside"! Judging a book by its cover can be very dangerous. It's amazing how different we are and how differently we see the world!

What about you?

  How much do you know about "who you are, really?"

When you know "what you want, really", then...

The really interesting question is to ask yourself what you're willing to Pay to get it!

Life continues to be very good, especially when I pay attention to my behaviors and my highest Purpose for myself and others!