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Living Life High Over Machu Picchu!

The CEO I worked for several years ago told me, "Clyde, you only go around once in life AND if you play your cards correctly, that's all you need!"

Kay and I are "playing our cards!" We know that our bodies are made to move so we recently flew to Peru and hiked the Inca Trail at about 11,000 ft. through the jungle to Machu Picchu. Needless to say, we were short of oxygen and our muscles hurt badly. My biggest fear was I'd stump my toe, fall and break a bone or fall off the mountain and never be found again.

That didn't happen and we arrived in Machu Picchu tired, in good health and proud of two 75 year olds!

The Fears I made up were distractions during the journey AND they didn't keep us from our glorious destination!

What about you?

What Fears are you facing?

Are you afraid of living or afraid of dying?

What would happen if you threw off the covers, got dressed and chased your Dreams believing you couldn't fail?

Life is Very Good! Live it today because there might not be a tomorrow!