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Machu Picchu

What Am I Complaining About?

Life is really good for me and yet, I have to watch myself because I can fall into a Victim trap and waste a lot of energy complaining and blaming!

That happened to me on the way to Machu Picchu and as silly as it seems, it happened in a hotel room with an incredibly cold shower! I complained to myself, my wife and blamed the hotel clerk until I finally got some hot water. Little did I know what was next!

The next morning, we began a seven mile hike that started at eight thousand feet, climbed to ten thousand feet and the path was very rocky and the oxygen was minimal for somebody that was accustomed to sea level. In addition, the steps were very steep and the risk of a stumped toe, broken arm or sprained ankle, not to mention falling off a steep embankment, was very real!

With those dangers and challenges during the hike that lasted about seven hours, I could hear God asking me: Now what do you think about the shower? Was that inconvenience worth the blaming and complaining? Compare the shower to your current fatigue, challenging conditions and beauty of my creation and let me know your conclusion. And oh, by the way, who chose to stay in that hotel?

What about you? How often do you find yourself being a Victim?

What is your biggest inconvenience and who are you blaming?

How often do you miss the journey when you're so focused on what's wrong rather than the beauty and opportunity of the Day?

What personal behavior would you like to change/modify to get a better result for yourself?

Taking personal ownership of my behavior and my results is a gift. I have the power to choose to take ownership or blame somebody. What do you believe?