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Several years ago when I started writing this blog, my purpose was to be aware and notice what my friends, clients, myself and others were saying and doing with their families, businesses and lives. It's amazing how easy it to miss significant happenings and accomplishments if I'm not mindful!

Over the last year, which was an above average medical, financial and political challenge, I've seen miracles happen everywhere! CEOs have made courageous changes with their employees and business strategy. I, along with others have maintained an optimistic attitude when it was easy to run away and hide or do something silly.

I've seen CEOs have valuable conversations with clients, employees, spouses and kids that have healed relationships that set a firm foundation for a prosperous year in 2021.

Others, who are afraid and resistant to change are many times open to possibilities!

From where I sit, I see many financial, medical, and emotional opportunities in the next year. My main job is to maintain mindfulness and notice the miracles that are happening everywhere. To do that, I plan to focus on what I can control and not listen to those who are living with Fear and others who want to scare me to death with an agenda to create drama and sell advertising.

I know better because life is very good AND not perfect.

What about you?

How Mindful are you and what happenings are you noticing?

What group of people are you listening to?

What thoughts are you listening to and what thoughts are you sending on their way?

What actions would you take today if you knew you couldn't fail?

What's keeping you from taking your first step?

Life is good! I'm pressing ahead!