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My Friend is HOME-ward Bound

My Friend is HOME-ward Bound

I've never considered myself to have many friends and I have many business acquaintances! As I think about "having friends," it's very cool as long as they and their families are healthy and happy. When sickness, difficult job issues, financial difficulties and death visit our friends, we get to evaluate the meaning of "friendship."

Today is one of those days for me. One of my Friends got to start his New Beginning this morning! Although this is a sad time, I got to witness his confident readiness for his ending and new beginning! One of his strengths was to create his Plan and work it perfectly. I got to learn from him how to Plan to Live and how to Plan to Die.

As I sat with him last week, he walked me through his conversations with his wife, his son and other family members so each would know his expectations and hopes for their futures. Hospice had visited his home so everybody would be ready. Also, the Priest and mortuary were alerted and ready to rumble. No detail had been forgotten or minimized.

I learned much from this Friend and it's my hope I can face "the end" and be so confident about "tomorrow" as he did!

One last thing. Several years ago, he suggested that several of us write our eulogies and live from the ending back to today. The Group did that and it was clarifying about what I have significant yet to do.

I have to go now. I've got to live my Plan.

What about you?

How are you doing with your Friends?

What are your thoughts/plans/hopes about your future?

What does your Plan look like?

Make it count, just like my Friend!