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Who is Shaping Your Future?

Who is Shaping Your Future?

Many times I haven't thought about or given much credit to this question and it could be the biggest question facing me! My parents, grand parents, church leaders, teachers and spouse have shaped my future by influencing my beliefs/values at an early age. Now, the question is who am I surrounding myself with that is helping me/hindering me in my life's finishing well desire?

What does finishing well mean to you? How do you want to finish? How does "coasting" to the finish line sound to you? How fast do you want to be cruising when you hit the finish line? I've watched Olympic marathoners hit the tape and that's what I want to do/be at three days after my 103rd birthday!

With that thought, I've asked myself who I want to surround myself with to achieve this goal. In Matthew Kelly's book, Seven Levels of Intimacy, I learned that I want to surround myself with people I'm energized by with the following characteristics:

  • People who are Smarter than I am.
  • People Who know things I don't know.
  • People Who have experienced things I haven't.
  • People who have met men and women of great achievement and extraordinary character and can tell me a about them.
  • People Who have great relationships.
  • People Who have achieved extraordinary things.
  • Who know exactly what they want.
  • Who are at peace with themselves and their God.
  • Who have learned to live with their inner demons and at the same time shine.
  • Who are willing to give everything to pursue a dream.
  • People who are Silent heroes.
  • People who go out of their way to commit random acts of kindness.
  • People with acceptance:  Allowing others to be themselves, rather than pushing or cajoling them into being who I want them to be. 

What a Group of Friends to accumulate so I can Finish Well!

What about You?

What Group of Friends/Influencers are you accumulating?

Who is close to you when temptations arise?

Who is close to you that you can trust when the stakes are high?

Choose your friends/influencers wisely. The choice could be the difference between life and death!