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My Life's Journey!

My Life's Journey

What a Journey! The early days were unspectacular and good! The more the years rolled by, the better the Journey became.

I was having fun and expecting everything to be perfect. Life wasn't perfect yet it was one miracle after another: Marriage, kids, jobs and opportunities.

In the middle of all the miracles, messy stuff related to health and career seemed to interrupt the Journey. Looking back, they weren't as much interruptions and scary as they were learning opportunities. There's clarity now and at the time, the learning was very disguised.

I learned that life wasn't perfect, speed bumps caught me by surprise and I responded to them in a positive, aggressive manner AND good things happened. Although I responded aggressively, at the time, life looked challenging and very difficult and fear was present.

Now, after 75 years, I know something about myself, human beings and the Journey:

  • Life is imperfect.

  • Life is and humans, including me, are messy.

  • Life is lived looking forward and interpreted looking backward.

  • Life is very good if I can manage my thoughts with what I really want.

  • My thoughts can change the world I live in, both positively and negatively!

What about you?

How is your life?

How are you managing your thoughts?

What do you see when you look back over your journey?

What's next or you?

Thoughts become things! Choose the Great Ones!


It's Our Choice!