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Keep the Pedal to the Metal!

Keep the Pedal to the Metal!

Over the past few months, I've allowed scarcity thinking, anxiousness and fear keep me distracted daily! Last week, I allowed a Group of colleagues to challenge my thoughts and help me get clarity about what I "wanted" regarding "finishing well" with my career and life.

After listening and reflecting, I realized that I had allowed my thoughts to be fearful about "me" rather than focusing/realizing the value I was bringing to those around me. That was a big discovery and has allowed me to focus on others and minimize my fear of looking bad and having a messy ending to my career.

Several months ago, I participated in the Corvette driving school in Pahrump and I learned that I was anxious about driving when I viewed the high horsepower cars and the track with it's demanding curves and the other drivers that seemed to be younger and more experienced than I was.

Then, I noticed what happened when I got in the car, started the engine and shifted the transmission into first gear. The engine noise was powerful and my adrenaline arrived and my confidence shifted to what was possible rather than not possible. My thoughts went from scarcity to abundance! I started to believe "I could and I will."

Going down the first straight away, I exceeded 100 miles per hour and made the first turn with ease.

The same thing happens to me daily. I wake up with fears about my ability, what others think and the bad things that could happen. Good things happen when I have the thoughts that "I Can and I Will!"

Keep the Pedal to the Metal! Good things are going to happen!

What about you?

What thoughts are holding you back?

What horsepower is available that you're not noticing?

What abundance is around the next turn?

I'm getting in my high horsepower vehicle and pressing the pedal to the medal. Come with me! I'll see you at the finish line!