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My Most Dreaded Virus!

Over the past two years, I've been optimistic about not getting sick with COVID and have been careful and got vaccinated.  With that strategy and some good fortune, I, and my family, have avoided the sickness!

Over the past few months, I've become aware of a more deadly virus, in my opinion, than COVID and this virus is not visable, talked about very little, has infected people around the world and nobody is even thinking about a vaccine or a cure!

My most dreaded Virus and I believe more deadly to our future is Blaming and Victim Thinking!

I've realized that this "thinking" quietly enters my Beingness and many times infects everybody around me.  It's on television, the internet, my smart phone and quickly spreads around the world into all countries and cultures and very few people are noticing and talking about it.

This virus separates us, kills relationships, Company cultures and can cause civil wars and revolutions!

With me, I've noticed that Blaming and Victim Thinking causes me to lose energy, my confidence, my personal power and my creativity.

All of this happens quietly, many times not noticed until it's too late and hospitalization is generally not helpful.

The only medication for me is awareness and looking in the mirror!  The person I see in the mirror can change his mindset, take ownership and live totally in a new/different world without medication or hospitalization.

It's my Choice!

What about you?

How arare are you of this silent killer?

How often do you notice the effects in your Company and/or family?

How often do you notice the effects on your Leadership ability?

How do you notice the symptoms and what are your personal antedotes?