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An Unbelievable Life!

I recently read from Natalie MacNeil that "our true nature is like the sky's vast blue--and thoughts and feelings and beliefs are like weather systems and clouds--none of which are the sky.  The sky remains neutral and does not get attached to--nor does it identify with--the clouds that come and go."

That was a metaphor that dramatically helped me because my life has mostly been a clear, Uncloudy Sky, as Willie Nelson would say.  Although a few "weather systems" have drifted by, they've been few and far between!  The "weather systems" haven't been the issue.  The issue has been my thoughts and fears that I attached to them AND just like that, the clouds moved on and the Uncloudy Sky appeared with it's majestic blue clarity!

Since the Sky is so vast, similar to my life, the clouds appear to be moving slowly and looking back, I realize they moved on as quickly as they appeared.  A brilliant Orange and Red sunset two days ago disappeared so quickly, I almost missed it with my camera.

My challenge is to be Grateful for both the Orange and Red and the Ominous Gray because both move on and disappear and my Unbelievable Life continues!

What about you?

What are you noticing when you're "Sky Gazing?"

Which "passing clouds" interrupt your Clear Blue Sky and Gratefulness?

In 2022, what could you personally change to Notice your Unbelievable Life?

Life is very good AND there are some distractions!