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Practice Rigorous Authenticity, Surrender the Outcome, Do Uncomfortable Work!

     I adopted these words from a TED Talk by Michael Brody-Waite and have focused on them to live my life over the last several months and my contentment has changed/improved!  I've also shared them with everybody I'm working with.

     Over the past few years I fell into a trap of thinking I had to know everything that was happening and if what was happening didn't fit with my answer, I should set out to "fix" it.  I determined that my strategy wasn't working because my answer was not always the best answer and I didn't have control over anything, except myself some of the time.

     I've recently wanted to do something very badly and I was authentic/open with everybody around me and was clear about things that were questioned by many.  I did uncomfortable work and trusted several people I didn't know and had never met.

     After several weeks of planning, scheduling, etc., things like health concerns, pet needs and airline schedule changes, I realized that letting go of the outcome I couldn't control was my best strategy.  Continuing to hang onto the outcome I wanted and couldn't control was using energy and resources of many people around me.  

     With "surrender" came contentment and the realization that there could be another time, another place and another answer.                                                                                   

      What about you?

  • What Outcome are you hanging onto?
  • What other Answer could there be that you haven't noticed?
  • What is best for you:  Being Right or Being Effective?
  • What Price are you willing to pay for Contentment?