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What Do I Value, Really?

     I Value many things!  At least I believe I do.  And, I recently realized what/who I Really Valued when I was going to be separated for awhile.  Wow!  What clarity I really got.

     Many years ago, I heard Wayne Dyer say, "When I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change."  I'm remembering that quote and noticing the meaning more and more, maybe caused by an advancing age.  I also know that I'm responsible for "what I see" and it's amazing how I "look at things/people" and how you look at the same things/people and we "see" and interpret the same things/people in totally different ways and we Value these things/people very differently.

     I'm thinking about leaving for one month and it's not possible or a not a good idea to take all those I Value with me and that idea seriously caused me to Pause and really notice who/what I valued and maybe Why!

     This decision caused me to instantly think about 1) Who Am I, 2) What do I Want and 3) What Price I'm Willing to Pay?

     From this series of questions/thoughts, I discovered what/who I really care about and what I'm willing to give up to get what I want.  What a surprise I had!

What about you?

     What are you really wanting?

     To get that outcome, how much focused time have you spent considering what you specifically have to give up?

     Consider the Specific Price and you could get more clarity about what you really want!

Have fun and notice what your really value!