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To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required!


To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required…Luke 12:48



My parents taught me this Bible verse at an early age and I’ve never forgotten it! And, I don’t always live it because of “Fear.”


I have “beliefs” that cause me to think that it’s important for people to “like” me, I’m supposed to have all the answers, I’m supposed to be right, I'm supposed to be perfect and if these things don’t happen, I don’t have value.



Many of these beliefs are not “true.” I’m challenging these beliefs so I can take more risks and share the gifts I've been given. To make this shift, I’ve had to overcome my Fears and below is a poem I wrote to help me press ahead and I hope it will give you some ideas:



           “Fear Not!”


I Want to Write About Fear—



What a Terrible Companion!

What a Deadly Poison!



It causes me to be somebody I don’t want to be.

It causes me to lose what I have.

It keeps me from what I want.

It blocks every path.

It questions who I am.

It questions who I can be.

It keeps me in the valley when the mountain peak is available.



It blocks my way to God where there is no fear.

It blocks my way to God where there is Life.



I’ve had enough of this companion!

I’ve had enough of this poison!



God, You said “Fear not, because I am near!”

My desire today is to feel Your presence, which drives away my fear!



May that presence be eternally felt.

So my deadly companion is my companion nevermore!



That little Fear Person sitting on my shoulder and taking up space in my head, rent free, is not going to control me any more. I've been given MUCH and I'm sharing my ideas with you. I use these questions. Use them if you choose!



Where might I be stuck?

What BELIEFS do I have that are holding me back AND are not true?

If I had a different belief about myself and the world, what doors might be open to me?

What abundance might I discover?

If I knew I couldn't fail, what would I do?



I'm minimizing my limiting beliefs and choose to make the next ten years the most valuable Leadership Years of my Life! What about you?