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What is a Friend?

Wow, what a difficult question, especially for me? I've never assumed I had any friends, except for my wife and kids. I knew I had business acquaintances and neighbors and I noticed they didn't call when I no longer had authority.

When is a friend, a real friend... in easy/good times and/or in difficult times? Who would consider me their friend? Really their friend?

Kay and I walked the Camino de Santiago in both 2013 and 2014 ( and I noticed how strangers treated each other. Rings, watches and BMW's weren't important. Strangers were friendly, cared about where others were from, what was important to them, helped them and I was introduced to the documentary, I'll Push You, and I got to see what a friend actually behaves/looks like in the most difficult circumstances!

Take a look at this link, and find a copy of the actual documentary. It could change your view of yourself and others!

What about you?

Who is your Best Friend?

Who considers You their Best Friend?

Who would you take care of, physically, emotionally and spiritually, expecting nothing in return?

Who would you allow to take care of you, physically, emotionally and spiritually, without wanting to pay them?

I've been reminded that having a true friend, or friends, could be a very important measure of success!