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What are Your Assumptions?

If I could make one change in my life, I'd stop making assumptions! Miguel Ruiz opened my eyes to this possibility in his book The Four Agreements!

Over the past two weeks, I worked to the best of my ability to achieve something big for a client. I knew my discoveries, conclusions and recommendations were valuable and I "believed/assumed" that my client would resist what I was going to recommend.

After much thought and prayer, I determined to give my client my highest form of Integrity: Saying what I'm thinking!

With as much confidence as I could accumulate, I said what I was thinking and the client was very open to my conclusions and what would work in his Company!

My learning was if I had changed my thoughts and had confidence in my ability during the discovery period, my entire life and those around me would have been better! When my client agreed with me, I noticed that I had a bounce in my step, my energy was abundant and I looked forward to miracles! My assumptions/behavior didn't have to depend on my client!

What about you?

What assumptions/beliefs are getting your way and keeping you from having a bounce in your step?

What expectations could you discard so you can be available to any outcomes and be excited about any possibilities, including miracles?

My life is truly a miracle AND when I trust my Heart, not my fears, everybody around me experiences a better life!