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What's Your Most important Possession?

What's Your Most Important Possession?

What a valuable question for me. I know the answer and it's so easy to forget and go unconscious!

Mahatma Gandhi said "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

With health issues I've had and resolved, this thought is so clear to me and many days, I get lost in physical things like houses, cars, jewelry, etc. While I was walking this morning, I reminded myself again that without health, jobs, friends, physical things have very little meaning.

What keeps me from constant Gratefulness because I know that with Gratefulness I have contentment and no fear. I see the world with optimism and a can do attitude...anything is possible.

For me, I've learned that my valuable thoughts are minute by minute by minute for the rest of my life. Negative thoughts come by and it's my job to send them on their way because my health is very good.

It's not a matter of I.Q. It's a matter of I Can and I Will!

  •      What about you?
  •      How is your health?
  •      What's your level of Gratefulness?
  •      What's Your Most Valuable Possession?

With your good health, your story is far from over. Your journey has just begun!