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What do You Think About My Friendly/Helpful Turtle?

What do You Think About My Friendly/Helpful Turtle?

My Turtle Friend is the Best! My Turtle tweets, goes on walks with me with a leash. Have you ever gone on a walk with a turtle on a leash? We go very slowly and my Turtle helps me have conversations with myself and helps me be quiet with myself! Most times, my Turtle Leads, both from the front and sometimes from behind. What a Friend!

Many days I make up thoughts and potential outcomes that aren't true. I also have negative thoughts about myself, my abilities, my future and my Turtle helps me calm down and be the best person I can be. My Turtle looks me in the eye and asks "What are you thinking?" I also have negative thoughts about my clients and my Turtle reminds me the clients are my opportunities, not my enemies!

I told you that my Turtle is a Master Twitterer! Below are some of the award winning tweets:

  1. No longer a slave to fear...not why I'm here! Blessed beyond belief for most every year!
  2. Turtle woke early today and exclaimed that LOVE CAN set me free and allow me to be me. I agree and we’ll watch and see! Blessed beyond degree!
  3. Little turtle Noticed blessings galore, every day, more and more! Expect the Best, take a breath and God takes care of the Rest!
  4. My turtle scratched Gratitude in the sand…something I do understand. Wanna be free, fear less, have hope? Gratitude is the way to cope!
  5. My turtle asked, how is your life's Plan? It's been Grand, since a young man! It's not about my IQ, it's about my will and my I can!
  6. My turtle stopped and asked, “Who are you?” Good question, I wish I knew. Clyde on the outside; worthy and trusting on the inside.
  7. We, Kay & me, married 56 years—some tears, some fears, some beers, successful careers, mostly cheers: living to 94 and then 90 more!

What about you?

  • How do you slow down and be quiet? Who is your friend that will go on a very slow walk with you so you can determine what is Right?
  • Who is your best friend that's willing to walk beside you, at a slow pace to notice your abundant Grace?
  • Is your Friend willing to be quiet enough and walk slow enough so you can notice your Attitude and Gratitude?
  • Which Friend challenges you with Hope so you can Cope?

I hope you have a Turtle like Friend, willing to walk with you, listen to you, challenge you so you can determine what is True!