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What is Thanksgiving?

What is Thanksgiving?

I've never written an answer to this question. Have you?

I know it's a Day in November, a holiday, remembering the Pilgrims, the stock exchange is closed, and Countries other than the U.S. don't have such a day, etc. What is this concept/day?

Today, I was mindful about the day. In fact, Thanksgiving is NOT a Day. It's a way of life! I was aware today that for me, I was thankful that I and my family know God, he's active in our everyday life, and he's present in our life minute by minute by minute.

Today, I was mindful about how fortunate I am to have good health, freedom, friends, a big healthy family, including 7 Great Grand Kids and financial security beyond my expectations!

Tomorrow, I'm going to be mindful that it's still "Thanksgiving!" It's another day on the calendar, Black Friday, and only a few days until Christmas, which begs another question: What is Christmas?

* What about you?

* What is your definition/thoughts about "Thanksgiving?"

* Is your "Thanksgiving" for 2017 over?

* What will Friday be for you?

What do you have that you're grateful for? How often do you notice? How does politics, television, internet, football, worry, fear, etc. get in your way and distract you?

Let's be mindful, minute by minute, and notice how our contentment is affected! Give this thought a go and let me know what you think.